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All is Forgiven

DentistLast week I had an interesting thought as I was sitting in the dentist chair getting a cleaning.

One of the questions asked before they begin is, “how often do you brush your teeth and how often do you floss?”

The thought that came to me was, no matter what I say, none, one, or five times a day, the dentist once he starts cleaning will know. It was an odd realization because I have known people who have blatantly fibbed and truth be told I have too, when I was younger, on how often I cleaned and floss my teeth.

But my odd thought had not stopped there, as we get ready for the upcoming Palm Sunday, and Holy Week, I began to think of how often I have tried to hide or justify my wrong or sinful deeds.

The thing is God knows all that I have done wrong, and I can never hide it from Him, no matter how hard I try.

No matter how hard we try to make others think we are great and perfect, which none of us are, God doesn’t make me feel horrible (I do that on my own) about my sins but instead forgives me.

And thankfully, my dentist does something similar.

Instead of accusing me of lying or making me feel like I’m a horrible person for not flossing every day, he simply says afterwards, “Go, brush and floss daily.”

Published in Delta Optimist March 22 2013


Unstable Ground

earthquakeI recently found out about a city just south of Naples, Italy called Pozzuoli. Pozzuoli is famous for its beautiful bay, but also for something else. It is the most earthquake-prone place in the world.

Pozzuoli can experience up to 4,000 tremors in a single year! Talk about being unstable! The only thing I can think of that is possibly more unstable is your life and mine.

Everyday our lives seem to be on unstable ground. The unexpected seems to happen all the time, from a car accident, a traffic jam, illness, or the death of a loved one. These unexpected events can wreak havoc in our lives just as much as an earthquake can.

This coming week marks the one-year anniversary of the death of my four-year-old niece who died of health issues from when she was born.

It was a moment in my family’s life that, although we knew it was possible, it was still unexpected, kind of like living in an area with earthquakes.

But in all moments of tragedy, we remember, and we rebuild. For my family, we find comfort in Angelina’s baptism, and that she was and still is a child of God. We know Jesus loved her enough to become her saviour.

I may not be ready for the next earthquake in my life, but I do know that God will be by my side as I remember and rebuild.

Published in Delta Optimist February 22 2013